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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The website & is owned and operated by Gem To Gems Pvt Ltd. The terms and conditions mentioned below is the screenshot of business relationship between you and Gem To Gems Pvt Ltd, the owner of Gemtogems brand. Hence, before using the site, please ensure that you agree to abide by these terms and also fulfil the conditions that are required to be regarded as the legal and accepted user of this website.

I. Terms of Use

I.1. It is advisable to use this website as registered user. On registering to this website, you will get access to order status online, and will also be allowed to review the product along with the facility of communicating with us in case you may require resolving any issue related to purchase or delivery of the product.

I.2. You should have exceeded 18 years of age before starting the use of this website because for making purchase through this website, you may require using debit/credit cards use of which is not allowed to a person falling below 18 years of age.

I.3. You should read navigation manual provided in this website to know all about using this website for the ease of access and search/ purchase of the items displayed.

I.4. You, as a user, are the only person responsible for the security of your account held with us. If any loss or damage incurred due to any action of yours like sharing of passwords, content etc will be your liability. The website will not be responsible for any repercussions resulting out of the actions that you perform on our website. Hence, your illegal sharing of password or personal information or content displayed in the website is extensively discouraged by us.

I.5. Our website makes use of cookies to keep you from furnishing of information repeatedly during its use. As you must know, you are required to furnish your information at various stages while using the website; however, you are free to disable cookies if you are not comfortable keeping them on your system.


II. Terms of Order

II.1. Only those orders that are placed before 6 pm are considered for processing the same day. All other orders placed after 6 pm will be picked for consideration/reply/action/cancellation on the next working day.

II.2. You can add as many items in the cart as you wish. Adding item in the cart does not mean that it is reserved for you. The item(s) will be kept open for purchase by other visitors if you do not checkout conveying us your intent to buy clearly.

II.3. Orders will be accepted from only those customers who have mailing address located within India. If a person residing outside India wants to make purchase through our website, he must carry Indian/International debit/credit card acceptable by Indian Banks along with mailing address situated within Indian boundaries. For the order delivery time and shipping details, you may refer to our shipping and delivery section.

II.4. Placing an order in our website is your consent on buying the product as displayed. Gem to Gems reserves the right to refuse or cancel an order subject to-(i) availability of the item(s) in the stock, (ii) correctness of information furnished by you as buyer (iii) your eligibility of placing an order on our website.

II.5. You will be able to know the online status of your order only when you are registered with our website. Your furnishing of personal details ensures our peace of mind too and helps us verify the fact that purchases are being made by a genuine buyer. All communications regarding the order processing/delivery will be sent only to the mailing address/e-mail IDs registered with us. Hence, correctness of information is invariably solicited.

II.6. Utmost care has been taken while listing of products on the website. Still, if any product is found to be displayed with incorrect details pertaining to pricing, specifications etc due to reasons including, but not limited to, incorrect supplier information, typographical error, or any other unforeseen error, the website owner holds the right to cancel the order with timely revert sent to you.


III. Terms of Content

III.1. All the images, text, visuals, links, banners, trademarks etc used in the website constitute its content and are protected by necessary copyrights. As a user of this website, you are not allowed to share, leak, reproduce, upload, post, transmit, distribute or use the content without taking written permission from the website owners. Even in case of written permission, proper credit should be given to the source of visual/textual content used.

III.2. Website may contain advertisement banners or links of the advertisers whose terms of usage may be different from that of us. If you happen to land to any of the third party websites advertising on our space, you are advised to use and access those websites only after reading and complying to their terms of use. We do not endorse our advertisers' privacy policy and so you must take in regard their terms of privacy. We, as a website holder, will not be responsible for any consequences arising out of the direct or indirect use made by you of these third party websites.


IV. Terms of Product

IV.1. Product images displayed in the website are meant for giving you clear idea of the products in reality. All products available with us are almost identical to the images, variations across weight may arise in case of handmade jewellery items. Cut and clarity of the gemstones used is guaranteed. Colour of the product may, however, according to your computer monitor's settings.

IV.2. Since almost all the gemstones are made to go through certain treatments for enhancement purposes, you must consider gemstones used as treated but within applicable norms. Gemstones as 'untreated' will be mentioned clearly wherever applicable.

IV.3. All the products will be sent to you in transparent packages. You are advised not to tamper with the packaging in case you require returning it on arrival. For detailed returns policy, please visit our 'Returns Policy' section.

IV.4. All the products sold by us are quality guaranteed and so will be provided with necessary authenticity and quality certificates.