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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Though all our policies and procedures are crystal clear, still there can be few doubts arising in the minds of our valued patrons. We have made a comprehensive list of questions that you may be looking answers to while making a purchase on our website. If any of your queries is not solved in this section, our customer service team will be delighted to solve it for you.

Account Information

Can I change the profile details on my account?

Yes, you can. You can login to 'My Account' area and click 'Edit Profile'. Here, you can change your profile details. On completion, do not forget to click 'update'.


Do I need to register with you before making any purchase?

Though it is highly recommended but not at all necessary to register with us for buying jewellery from us. Unregistered users will not be allowed to access certain areas such as order status etc which appear in 'My Account' space allotted to registered buyers only.


How do I retrieve the lost/forgotten password?

You can retrieve your lost /forgotten password by clicking into login. There, 'Forgot password' link is provided. On clicking it, a link for resetting the password is sent to your e-mail ID registered with us.


Why is signing up highly recommended?

Signing up enables you to manage your account details better. You can track your orders online, manage order summaries and make changes to your order by logging in as registered user. Signing up, all in all, enhances the website experience for better.


Do I need to subscribe to all newsletters and e-mail subscriptions compulsorily?

We respect your privacy and so give you the choice to opt out of e-mail subscriptions, newsletter mailing lists etc. You can choose to stay away from the promotional activities of our website at the time of registering.

Orders and returns

Can I add to the order already placed?

Yes, you can. But you need to make sure that all additions made the same day as original order. If you choose to add the next day, it will be considered as separate order and so may attract shipping charges separately.


What if I need to cancel the order?

You can cancel the order simply by calling our customer care team mentioning the order number. If you choose to cancel the order once it is shipped to you, you are requested to receive the parcel and send it back through proper channel (return form with specified return address is sent to you along with your purchase). Shipping charges will be the customer's liability in this case. You are requested not to tamper with the packing when you choose not to go further with the purchase made, else it will be regarded as final sale.


Where do I find status of my order?

You can visit 'My Account' area on our website to find the status of your order if you are a registered user. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our customer support team who can assist you promptly with the status of your order.



Will silver in jewellery get tarnished?

No. Silver used in jewellery is sterling silver that is highly tarnish resistant and is believed to be much superior in quality than the normal silver used.


Is the jewellery certified?

All our jewellery items are quality-tested and certified.


Are gemstones treated?

Almost all gemstones in gems and jewellery sector are treated for the purpose of enhancement in look or quality, so are ours. Wherever untreated, it will be clearly mentioned in product specification.


Is jewellery same as what is shown on web?

Certain characters like weight of the gemstones may vary slightly and will be average across all the items displayed in the illustration. Handmade jewellery items may show some variance across the single pieces.

Website access

What to do if I am finding any difficulty while accessing the website?

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and so have error-free website access help system in place. You can report all the difficulties by writing to us at; your problems will be solved at the earliest.


While adding items to the cart, how many items are permissible in one go?

You can add as many items to the cart as you want. But if you choose to add more items per product, it is advisable to confirm the availability first. Also, simply adding the product item to the cart will not be considered as 'item sold'. Hence, checking out is necessary to reserve the item for your purchase.


How long do the products remain in the cart?

Products will remain in the cart till the time they are available in inventory. Hence, if you are making any changes in the number of products selected, you are advised to reconfirm the availability.


Can I change or add or remove credit card details from my account?

Yes. You can add, remove and modify your credit card details by logging into your account area and clicking 'modify payment details' option. Do not forget to click 'update' on modifying the payment details.


Is my information secured when I share it with your website?

Yes. To begin with, your credit card information is not stored with us. Additionally, any information that you provide us is stored in the form of 256-bit encryption and is secured sufficiently with the help of SSL certifications that are actually considered the best.

Should you require to know anything apart from what is explained in this FAQ sheet, you are requested to write to us at Your query will not go into deaf ears, guaranteed!