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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Why do we collect your information?

We, as an e-commerce website, need to collect your data for variety of reasons including, but not limited to, timely delivery of orders, website maintenance procedures, enhancement of shopping experience etc. Your information is also required for verification purpose before accepting the order.

What do we do with your information?

We store the identifiable elements of your information (excluding credit card details) in fully secured environment. We do not distribute, sell, rent or lend your information to any third party operational outside our channel in any case. We strive for 100% spam-free experience for our customers. We collect your demographic details to ascertain the server problems, take up site administration actively and analyze users' activity for enhancing the sales opportunities for ourselves. We also use this information to send you timely alerts, response mails, newsletters and on-going offers.

What are cookies?

Cookies are information containing files stored by a web server on a browser so that the information once stored can be read back to the user in case of re-filling. These cookies are of various types and perform various functions. In any case, credit card information is not stored in the form of cookies. These get disabled automatically when lying inactive for longer time. You may also manually disable cookies. We, at, store cookies only for better website experience.

Is my information secured?

We operate our website in extremely secured environment and so all your information is stored in encrypted form that cannot be retraced in any manner. Our website is making use of 256-bit encryption and has all the necessary security certifications in place. Hence, your information is not accessible by any unauthorized users under any given conditions.

Can I choose to stay away from promotional activities?

We would love to keep you informed of all the interesting offers and activities running on our websites that we feel may be beneficial to you. Still, we respect your privacy the most and give you the choice to opt-out of newsletters, e-mail subscription services provided by us or our channel partners.

Still want to know more...........?

We would love to attend all your queries regarding privacy policy and terms of use at
Please feel free to write to us for clarifications/suggestions.

*Gemtogems reserves the right to change the privacy policy with change in time. We request you to come back to this space whenever the updations are introduced.