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Birthstone - know your sun sign and corresponding birthstone

Birthstone jewellery seems to be in fashion since time immemorial as everybody is seen exchanging information about their zodiac signs and lucky stones in their leisure time. Life is normally not perfect for everybody. There are always some loopholes that need careful handling so that the course of life can take upward path. Hence, to gain better opportunities and to make the best out of them, people are advised to wear birthstone jewellery. The most stunning fact is that the buyers are ready to shell out thousands of dollars, without a wrinkle on forehead, to get the authentic material in the hope of achieving better life .


Your birth month and corresponding birthstone for you


Sun signs - Capricorn, Aquarius. Garnet is the gemstone for January born people. It is believed to enhance friendship and feeling of camaraderie between the gift maker and wearer. You can definitely win a friend for lifetime by gifting him or her a bracelet made of garnet gemstones. Healing power of garnet lies in its ability to control blood pressure; it also keeps heart and lung diseases in control. It is believed to be the carrier of intimacy and sensuality for a love couple. Garnet provides you required emotional help when you go through emotional transits of some sorts and need to have better control over your emotions. For example, divorce, troubled marriage, loss of job, going away from family, facing loss of house to earthquake or other natural calamity are some of the conditions when this gemstone proves its worth. Garnet is believed to be the energy booster and so whenever you are feeling worn out or want some sort of impetus to complete the tasks in hand, this stone should be considered. Interestingly, garnet is actually a very large family of gemstones and has variety of colours, rarely blue. Rose quartz is also considered as January birthstone.



Sun signs - Aquarius, Pisces. Amethyst is the birthstone for February. Amethyst stone is believed to be the carrier of sobriety. This gemstone was used in making of tumblers in which kings used to drink non-alcoholic beverages giving the other people impression of their being under the influence of alcohol. The wearer experiences better wit and clear-mindedness when they make use of Amethyst. This gemstone is considered the stone of mental strength and is widely used in meditation to increase the concentration and focus. Wearer may find boost in his intuitive powers post use of this gemstone having high healing powers. Insomnia, arthritis, blood circulation troubles are some of the issues that are well-handled by making use of Amethyst.


Sun signs - Pisces, Aries. Aquamarine and bloodstone make perfect gift for the people born in the month of March. Aquamarine is prefect addition to summer wardrobe and complements lot of pastel hues perfectly. It is believed to be carrier of good luck. Aquamarine proves to be great healer of the problems associated with sense organs, liver and teeth/jaws. It is also said to induce calmness by controlling anger in the wearer. Wearer feels headed towards mental stability and experiences better clarity in vision and thoughts. It makes great friendship gift and induces happiness among the wearer.

Second stone bloodstone is also considered March's birthstone. The legends have it that the Christ's blood drops coloured jasper at the foot of the cross and so this stone came into existence. This folklore gave it the name of martyr's stone. It is considered to have great healing power for blood related diseases.


Sun signs - Aries, Taurus. Diamond is the birthstone for April born lucky people. Hardest material on the earth, scoring 10 on 10 when weighed using Moh's scale, this stone is known for its unmatched brilliance. Mostly, diamond is a colourless stone but few of the varieties may be made coloured with the help of colouring techniques. These man-made diamonds are high on aesthetic appeal but may not be great price-fetchers as the colourless natural ones. Diamond is believed to induce the feelings of strength and stability in the wearer. Self-confidence and coming back from a traumatic situation is made easier with the help of diamond rings and pendants. It is said to be useful in curing the ailments related to that of brain and pituitary gland. The world is already crazy over this sparkling gemstone and people are shelling out millions to make their private occasions unforgettable milestones in their life.



Sun Signs - Taurus, Gemini. Emerald is the birthstone for May born individuals. Quite high on visual aesthetics and value, this green member of Beryl family stands for loyalty, faithfulness and love. It also makes lovable wedding anniversary gifts for 20th, 35th and 55th year of nuptial bond. Emerald induces increased levels of creativity in a wearer. It is also worn to ensure overall well-being in a person, spiritually, mentally and of course, physically. If you want to get absorbed deeper in meditation, this stone helps you achieve greater levels of involvement and concentration and so induces better peace of mind. This stone stands for unwavering love and commitment. And so, when the important milestones of togetherness are achieved (say 20th year of marriage), the gift made in this gemstone looks quite apt.


Sun Signs - Gemini, Cancer. Pearl, Alexandrite and moonstone are considered birthstone for people born in June. Pearl is known to induce the virtues of chastity, truthfulness, wisdom and lion-heartedness to the wearer. This gemstone, close to white in colour, has proved to be thing of great curiosity among the finders. People who want to savour the colourful history of pearls are given lot of information pieces such as these were the favourites of queens and princesses and were priced very, very high fetching historical amounts to the sellers in the past.

Alexandrite is another birthstone for June. This gemstone is known and quite loved for its colour-changing property. This stone is named after Alexander II of Russia as it was found on his Coming of Age celebration day. It is believed to enhance the feelings of faithfulness, love and dedication in the wearer.

Moonstone is believed to be the carrier of love, faith, passion and inspiration. Those who want to indulge in deeper and vaster seas of passionate love are advised to wear this gemstone so that they can locate the love around more convincingly.



Sun signs - Cancer, Leo. Ruby is said to be the birthstone for people born in July. This birthstone symbolizes unconditional, undying love and faith and is believed to induce the feelings of intense love, passion and sensuality among the couple. If you want to express the undying love for your partner, this stone sends the message - loud and clear. Ruby is quite useful in curing the diseases of heart and is capable of keeping the energy levels in a person very high. It is quite useful in solving the issues of heart and is said to infuse new energy into the love life of wearer. Whenever a much required push is needed in life to keep going, this stone helps achieve that.


Sun Signs- Leo, Virgo. Peridot and Sardonyx are the August birthstones. Peridot is said to have enormous cleansing property and helps in removing or neutralising toxins off the body. It is also helpful in feeling new leash of bright, positive thoughts and keeps the bad feelings like that of hatred, resentment, greed, jealousy - vices that a human is said to be made of - away from the body and psyche. Peridot works upon the fallacies of immune system, digestive system, metabolic system and brings positive changes to the skin, too, on use. Peridot induces calmness and enhances peace of mind. The wearer may get rid of uncontrolled anger and irritability wearing this gemstone.

Sardonyx is another stone, a variety of onyx that makes thoughtful gift for August born individuals. It is believed to be the stone of courage and fearlessness and is endorsed by the war heroes of all times such as Hercules and Mars. This stone is used mainly in carved form in pendants and also form the back of these pendants for desired strength and durability.


blue sapphire

Sun Signs - Virgo, Libra. Sapphire is the birthstone for September born. This stone belongs to the same family as that of ruby; in fact, those hues of ruby that are far from red but closer to violet or pink are categorised as sapphire. This gemstone is said to be the stone of integrity, piety, faithfulness and strength in character. Sapphire is the stone of meditation and concentration and was used to increase the quality of meditation by sages. It is believed to be great healer in burns, swellings and is also known for carrying anti-pyretic virtues. Poor vision, hair loss, depression can be treated with this gemstone and are widely used by the therapists for providing alternate relief.


Sun Signs - Libra, Scorpio. Opal and Tourmaline comprise the birthstones of October month. Opal is a multi-coloured gemstone having tendency to display a variety of colours when viewed under varying proportions of light. This gemstone tends to induce the feelings of hope, courage and peace in the wearer. It is very much helpful in keeping depression at bay and is considered of great utility when one requires moving to new phase in life. Rainbow colour makes it an ideal choice for matching it with variety of colourful outfits.

Tourmaline, like opal, is appreciated for the variety of colour that it displays. This gemstone is a thing of curiosity for the gemstone finders who consider such colour changing phenomenon to be something surreal; in fact, quite an offering to Mother Earth from supernatural powers. People who make use of this gemstone are drawn closer to compassion, peace, balance, harmony and flexibility and are able to accept changes in life more constructively.



Sun Signs - Scorpio, Sagittarius. Topaz and Citrine are the November birthstones. Topaz, since very old historic times, was quite famous for its yellow colour and was believed to be rare because of the yellow hue. This gemstone is normally confused with quartz family and has to struggle hard to find firm foothold in the gems market. Shadowed by the easy availability and affordability of citrine, this gemstone has even lost his name to the later which is sometimes misnamed as yellow topaz. Topaz is, however, found in variety of colours, representing a rainbow in its truest spirit.

Citrine is yellow to yellow-brown in colour and is considered useful for getting big breaks in career. This stone is used a lot in place of yellow topaz and is believed to be useful in increasing hearing ability. It also helps the user feel the gush of abundance, clear thoughts and objectivity in life. Known to boost career, this gemstone is also loved a lot because of visual brilliance.


Sun Signs - Sagittarius, Capricorn. Tanzanite, Turquoise and Zircon are believed to be December birthstones. Tanzanite, in African country of Tanzania, the only place where it is found, is used mostly by the women who are about to enter the womanhood as a mark of new beginning and celebrations in life. This gemstone is actually the sign of good luck and is used widely as substitute to sapphire. Attributes like psychic powers can be boosted with the use of tanzanite.

Turquoise is appreciated a lot because of the display of variety of hues ranging from sea-green to sky-blue. This is one of the most liked gemstones for jewellery and makes the jewellery look more than awesome in cabochon and oval cuts and also in beaded forms. Its healing powers are focussed on balancing, increasing the focus of the wearer and also inducing the sense of tranquillity in the wearer.

Zircon is widely used as cheap substitute to diamond but its real gem variety is not seen by many. Blue zircon in its best colour is a big time price fetcher and can be used as substitute to sapphire for making jewellery. This gemstone is used to increase the influx of money, power and richness into life and also finds its best use in increasing the focus and balance while meditating.