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This is one of the most abundant gemstones with considerable hardness. In fact, it is the second most abundant mineral found in the earth's crust. Measuring 7 on Moh's scale, this gemstone is used often as a reference point to classify other gemstones as hard or soft etc. Quartz has two main sub-divisions - macrocrystalline quartz and cryptocrystalline quartz.

Macrocrystalline group includes gemstones that are typically larger than those belonging to cryptocrystalline family. Another variation in quartz is developed when cryptocrystalline variety is inter-grown with moganite; this is known as chalcedony.

Examples of macrocrystalline group:

Amethyst, blue quartz, citrine, aventurine, hawk's eye, rose quartz, smoky quartz, quartz cat's eye etc.

Examples of cryptocrystalline group:

Agate, chrysoprase, bloodstone, carnelian etc

Quartz is mostly found in sedimentary rocks. Some metamorphic rocks are also composed of quartz. This gemstone also forms inclusions of certain volcanic rocks. There are number of locations in the world where some or the other type of quartz is found in abundance.

Quartz is quite popular as gemstone for daily wear jewellery. It also finds its best use in watches and electronic industry. The best quality of the quartz can be determined by the clarity that it displays. Most of the quartz are perfectly clean and people should go for clean crystals only as this variety too is quite affordable due to abundance.

Quartz can be best accentuated by applying brilliant round cut on it that allows it to shine to the maximum. Quartz cat's eye is also quite a popular gemstone and is mostly found in green colour apart from its colourless variety.

Pink, green, blue, lavender, lemon etc are some of the interesting colours in which quartz are found. Normally, colourless quartz are offered untreated to the customers. Colour is achieved with the help of dyeing, waxing or coating and is preferred for making fashionable coloured gemstone jewellery.

Quartz is not a very expensive gemstone and so is gaining lot of popularity among the people looking for affordable jewellery options. This gemstone is used a lot in making of accessories like watches, rings etc.

Quartz healing properties are not proven medically; still, these have been put to use for curing various ailments like heart diseases, headaches, sore throat, eye infection etc.

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