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The name is combination of two words from two different languages which when put together mean blue stone. This blue is very typical in appearance and the presence of golden flakes makes it look very similar to star-studded sky constricted to a gemstone surface. It simply is very distinct in appearance from sapphire as the latter is much opaque as compared to Lapis. This stone is fondly called as 'Lapis' among the gemstone dealers and is a great addition to blue coloured fashion and statement jewellery where it can be used to make pendants and rings.

The typical look of this gemstone is attributed to the presence of golden dots which previously were thought to be gold traces. Later these were found to be pyrites and so the gemstone lost much of its value in the recent years because of the downfall that it faced in terms of constitution. The main components of this stone are lazurite, pyrite and calcite and the varying proportions of these found in the crystal impart the colour that it is known for.

Lapis, when deep dark in colour, is very pricey option and its value tends to get affected adversely if the pyrite content is high. Increased pyrite can disfigure the outward appearance of this gemstone making it look more golden than blue. Hence, dark blue coloured lapis with finer pyrite dots sell easily and brings more price to the dealer. This variety of lapis is mainly confined to Afghanistan and Iran regions.

Lapis does well in appearance when it is wax or resin treated to achieve the desired enhancement. This coating helps the gemstone shine brilliantly and look very fine in quality. It finds great use in developing stunning earrings, pendants and beaded necklace. In some parts of the world, rosary beads are made of lapis and the chain made of these is gifted to elderly people.

Lapis looks just awesome in round, spherical and oval cuts. One can also try trillion or heart-shaped cuts that look really good aesthetically. Apart from the cut, its blue colour is the result of sulphur content and variations in the amount of sulphur can cause the desired or undesired change in quality depending upon the look that it finally gets.

Lapis is one of the very old gemstones that were originally mined in Badakshan province of Northern Afghanistan some 6000 years ago. It continues to be a source of revenue for the people of this region till date.

Lapis is the stone for steering away fears, stress and ailments that can actually demoralize a person in the long run. Some people find it medicinally useful in curing sore throats, sterility in women and stiffness of nerves. It also boosts the feelings of camaraderie and understanding among friends.

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