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Emerald, the carrier of prosperity and happiness is favourite among jewellery designers and celebrity stylists. A number of celebrities have hit the fashion headlines globally when they strutted the red carpets wearing stunning jewellery made in Emerald. One of the 12 stones studded in the breastplate of Aaron, this stone stands undisputed in terms of its popularity and sanctity. This gemstone is a great psychic healer and believes to provide stability to the user.

Emeralds were first traded in Babylonian markets thousands of years back. It was considered the sacred stone of Venus and also was used by Hermes who manuscripted 'Words of Creation' on a single crystal made of this pious gemstone. This gemstone is liked the most when it displays a garden of inclusions inside it under the light and people are really excited to have this variety of gemstone as none of the gemstones carry such typicality inside.

Johnson's Baby Oil is all that is required to keep emerald as new as just bought. This gemstone when soaked in this oil overnight can retain the same novelty when bought. Users are advised not to make use of ultrasonic cleaners or hard chemicals to clean it. If you just rub it with damp cloth and store it in linen based covering, the stone will appear always new. Emerald also loses its lustre when it is exposed to sudden temperature changes or in extreme heat. Thus, it is advisable to keep it only for attending high profile parties or events.

Actinolite needles characteristic of Siberian region emeralds or tremolite needles of Zimbabwe emeralds offer another parameters of distinction to the evaluators who want to get the best quality gemstones. The needles actually form a garden like appearance inside the gemstone and are found to be made of other substances too such as mica, pyrite, calcite etc. Columbia, Ethiopia, Siberia and Zimbabwe are few of the regions where the emeralds are found in good quantity.

Emerald is a mystic stone and believed to have variety of healing qualities protecting the user quite securely. This stone is also considered quite worthy for making gifts by the couples who want to express faithfulness and feeling of belongingness to each other. It is because of the typicality and lustre that emerald sometimes surpasses even diamonds in value and the gemstone jewellery appreciators just love to have this green, beautiful stone in their kitty.

Emerald cut introduced by the lapidaries indicate that this stone is not easy to cut and expresses brilliance only in certain kind of rectangular table shape. Buyers should be wary of the enhancement techniques and should ensure that the stone is not bathed in oil beyond the permissible limits.

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