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Demantoid is the most prestigious variant of andradite and, because of its closeness to emerald in colour, is considered quite an appealing member of garnet family. This is bright green in colour and displays variety of shades. Its dark and bright green colour stands out beautifully in rarity and commands lot of attention from the gemstone lovers.

Demantoid gets its name because of its ability to disperse light just like a real diamond. Therefore, this name is quite popular and means 'diamond like shine'. In fact, it shines so brilliantly that it can give run for the money to ruby and emerald too; such is the brightness displayed by this rare gemstone of garnet family.

Russian Demantoid is considered the best and holds the same respect as a sapphire sourced from Ceylon or ruby from Burma. It gets its typical green colour due to the presence of chromium in it. Chromium can vary in proportion, thus, imparting various shades of green to its crystals. Demantoids that have horsetail like inclusions are considered the finest and most natural and specifically found in Russian variety of Demantoid garnets.

Demantoid measures 7 to 7.5 on Moh's hardness scale. 2 carat is the most easily available size of this gemstone and therefore it can be used in making of jewellery pieces that require smaller crystals. If anybody comes across the larger carat size of demantoid, then this is surely a piece of natural excellence that he is witnessing. Demantoids are usually combined with other precious stones like emerald and diamonds for creating beautiful jewellery items.

When demantoid came into limelight, the world was going through financial sink and so because of no demand, it just could not make its presence felt. People were more busy in making ends meet which was itself a tedious challenge and in such condition a gemstone is the last thing person will think about.

Thus, demantoid is not a popular choice for making jewellery. It appears only in exhibitions as a rare gemstone. Demantoid lacks in popularity because people have very limited knowledge about it and do not actually know what should be the correct price tag for it. Still, Russian demantoid finds many takers as people know that this variety can easily be identified by horse tail inclusions and bright green lustre.

Demantoid is bought on the basis of shape and shine of the crystal. Brightness is exhibited the best in round and oval cut. If you are able to find cabochons, then simply be ready to pay extra as cabochons are rarely available.

Demantoid can be used for making alluring rings, pendants and bracelets. These look their best in diamond like cuts and the best part is these can be found untreated. Apart from Russian Urals, you can also get them from Italy, China, USA, Zaire, Namibia, Afghanistan and Korea.

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