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Chrysoberyl is the gemstone worth considering for better appreciation as compared to what it has achieved so far in gemstones' world due to lack of sufficient knowledge about it. It amazingly stands at 8.5 on Moh's scale and so makes very interesting choice for developing high class jewellery pieces meant for regular use.

This gemstone came into the knowledge of the world in 1789 due to commendable efforts of A.G. Werner. The gemstone was originally found in olive green colour only and the name was also reserved only for those gemstones that displayed green to green-yellow range of colours. Later, brown and red varieties were also found.

Chrysoberyl has two distinct varieties that demonstrate effects like cat's eye effect and colour change effect. Cat's eye variety is known as chrysoberyl cat's eye while the colour change variety is quite famous as alexandrite. This gemstone is distinct from alexandrite on the basis of inclusions that are responsible for the colour that it reflects. Iron impurities are mostly found in cat's eye variety while alexandrite owes its colour to the presence of chromium.

Ural mountains of Russia give alexandrite to the world while cat's eye sources are concentrated in the regions of Brazil, China, Zimbabwe, India and Sri Lanka. The limited resources of this gemstone is responsible for the high price tag that it carries but may not be of much use.

Chrysoberyl is quite popularly cut in oval, round and pear shapes but for cat's eye variety cabochons are preferred. This stone is widely used for its healing properties and helps increase concentration, learning competency and promotes self-confidence.

Alexandrite, the colour change variety of Chrysoberyl, marks the celebration of 55th year of marriage and is normally worn in anniversary bands, rings and pendants. It is the official birthstone for the month of January too.

Chrysoberyl jewellery needs to be handled but with little care. It is normally sold untreated and at the most oiling or polishing may be done for improving the colour. It is advised not to wear the chrysoberyl jewellery while exercising, swimming or working in chemically enriched environment. Also, the user should be a bit careful while cleaning it with ultrasonic cleaners.

Colour change chryosberyl is believed to be the carrier of love, luck and happiness for the user according to Russian beliefs. Otherwise, chrysoberyl is believed to be associated with wealth and money. Some believe it to enhance the self-confidence and receptiveness towards various knowledge fields too.

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