Since ancient times, the earlobe has symbolized spiritual development and high social status. In the East, earrings were known as ‘Karn Phul,’ translating to “the flower of the ear.” In the ancient times, they served as talismans and decorations, which makes it important to combine these two qualities. As jewellery, they accentuate and enhance the attention directed towards the face. Moreover, earrings state an individual’s status based on its size and decorativeness. Additionally, since ancient times, earrings in the form of flowers are extremely popular. The symbolize and reflect spirituality, innocence, youth and tenderness. They are believed to protect the wearer from negative energy as it is believed that bright and captivating materials take on negativity. Thus, they have been believed to protect the beauty of the wearer from evil eyes. When worn in accordance to planetary signs, they are also believed to bestow health and success in the life of the bearer.